CorD interview with EACA Director General, Tamara Daltroff.

Tamara Daltroff, Director General of EACA, recently took part in an interview with CorD magazine. CorD is a current affairs and lifestyle magazine based in Serbia.

“With increasingly complex systems to navigate through, there are many challenges facing the advertising industry today”, over the course of the interview Tamara Daltroff discussed and highlighted various challenges facing the advertising industry such as AI, GDPR, the rise of disinformation and the Digital Services Act. However, Ms. Daltroff was also quick to highlight the benefits of working in such a dynamic industry “but it is also a unique and exciting opportunity to shape and re-imagine the future of advertising.”

Furthermore, Tamara highlighted EACA´s range of collaborations particularly in the area of transparency. “The industry, therefore, works hard on improving transparency around the ad delivery process and giving people more choice and control over the ads that they see. EACA and its members are actively involved in IAB Europe´s Transparency and Consent Framework and the EDAA´s Your Online Choices icon”.

To read the full interview, click here.