CrUAtivity Special Digest: The Ukrainian Winners of the Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2023

CrUAtivity Special Digest: The Ukrainian Winners of the Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2023

The new Special Digest of CrUAtivity features 29 cases recognized by the international jury of the Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2023 as the most creative campaigns on socially significant topics. The work that received the Grand Prix at KIAF 2023 was also honoured with two awards at Cannes Lions 2023. The special edition of the CrUAtivity digest showcases the works submitted by agencies and awarded with Best of Contest, Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards.

This digest demonstrates how advertising campaigns can help make the world a better place and change the lives of individuals, countries, and the entire globe. Among the featured cases in this digest, you will find:

  • Carol for Charity – a campaign that has received recognition at multiple advertising contests, including Cannes Lions 2023. The world-famous song “Carol of the Bells” was transformed into “Carol for Charity” and, with the help of Shazam, turned into a platform for donations to support Ukrainian children affected by the war.
  • Protect your country – Help Ukraine – a campaign that reminded Europeans of the reasons for supporting Ukraine, whether it be humanitarian or military aid, and emphasized that it is not just about defending Ukraine but also protecting their own countries by helping Ukraine.
  • LEOPARDS FOR UKRAINE – an Instagram flashmob #FreeTheLeopards that invited users to share a photo wearing leopard-print clothing and add a hashtag to express support for providing Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. As a result, the decision to provide Leopard 2 tanks was made within just 3 days.

These remarkable campaigns exemplify the power of advertising to make a positive impact and raise awareness on important social issues. In the digest, you will also find numerous interesting and creative solutions to important social issues, including:

  • A cartoon series about sex that focuses on the inner state of all teenagers, and their sexual maturity.
  • Disappearing mosaics addressing issues of sexual, physical, economic, and psychological violence.
  • A unique cultural event, the world’s first exhibition that was not afraid of power outages during the blackout in Ukraine.
  • An annual report of a charitable foundation transformed into soundtracks.
  • Cheese that draws attention to plants and birds listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, highlighting their need for protection.

This is a partial list of the creative ideas you can find in the CrUAtivity digest. We invite you to explore these ideas and their creators more closely. It may serve as a starting point for fruitful collaboration with Ukrainian creatives.

CrUAtivity is a digest featuring current works from Ukrainian agencies distributed among the international professional community. Each issue provides a general overview of cases in both video format (under the WATCH section) and text format (under the READ section). Each case is also presented in detail within its respective category. Users can view or read the general overview and then delve into specific cases for more detailed information. Each case includes credits and links to the creators’ websites.

The project is organized by the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition with the support of Brain Tank and Adcore agencies, who provided creative and technical implementation, respectively. So, we are proud to present special issue of the CrUAtivity digest and show new opportunities to find creative partners for your business among Ukrainian creatives. Share CrUAtivity digest with your colleagues to support the Ukrainian advertising industry.

CrUAtivity is creativity in a Ukrainian way!

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