The draft ePrivacy Regulation is like a bad movie, but we can still change the ending

The draft ePrivacy Regulation of the European Commission and subsequently tabled amendments in the European Parliament will have serious ramifications on the user’s online experience, reduce the number of currently widely available apps and service, and limit today’s wide choice of ad-funded online media.

The challenged world of tomorrow without ad-supported news and services is demonstrated through an industry-wide campaign “Like a Bad Movie”.

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The industry associations*:

  • Are deeply concerned about the unintended consequence of the Commission’s decision to establish browsers as gate-keepers between media companies and their users, which will do nothing to level the playing field in Europe between dominant companies and publishers.
  • Are alarmed by amendments tabled in the EP that would essentially force publishers to provide a paid “alternative” to their ad-supported content – or simply give it away for free. This wording would have negative effects on media plurality and the quality of news and other online services currently available to European citizens.
  • Look to the European Parliament to reconsider amendments which do not take into account at all the interests of media, providers of online services and European users, including SMEs.

EACA strongly believes that there is still an opportunity for compromise and we call upon the Members of the European Parliament to take the following points into consideration:

  • Encourage better informed users: Consumers deserve to understand what is happening with their data. By designating browsers as gatekeepers, the providers of online services cannot directly inform their consumers about how their data is used. This can leave customers badly informed and stops businesses having a direct dialogue regarding consumer preferences. Therefore, we ask for deletion of draft Article 10.
  • Include other grounds for data processing: By including other grounds for data-processing, such as legitimate interest, companies will be able to operate whilst respecting stringent measures to ensure consumer privacy.
  • Align the text with GDPR: The GDPR already provides a basis for handling personal data. Aligning the ePrivacy Regulation fully with the GDPR will help to address uncertainty on how data should be processed.
  • Consider the impact on European businesses: The debate needs also to focus on how this potentially stringent regulation will influence European competitivity on the global stage.

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*The industry associations behind the campaign include: