EACA expresses scepticism towards the European Parliament’s position on copyright

14 September, Brussels – Earlier this week, the European Parliament voted for the second time on the mandate to start inter-institutional (“trilogue”) negotiations on the reform of the copyright directive. This time it was accepted with 438 to 226 votes.

As already articulated in a blog post in July, EACA is sceptical whether the European Parliament’s position is the right way forward. Making platforms liable for content bears the risk that they install upload filters to protect themselves from excessive claims. Such filters are far from perfect and risk misidentifying legal or licensed content for illegal or copyright-infringing content. This is true also for advertisements, which could be caught by those filters because they contain copyright-protected content, such as music or performances. Even though the rights for those content is cleared, there is a high risk the content will be filtered out.

EACA calls on the EU institutions to consider all the implications of the directive properly in the trilogue negotiations that are now to commence.