EACA meets agencies in London on new strategy and advocacy

EACA visited three agency networks in London on 20-21 November. The objective was to introduce EACA’s new strategy and give an overview of EACA’s services. A particular focus was placed on EACA’s advocacy activities. The meetings attracted participants beyond EACA’s Council structure, including lawyers, finance experts and senior strategists. They were able to learn more about the lobbying services provided to them (from issue mapping to communications), the types and formats of information available (from C-level reports to issue-based calls), the policy issues covered (from digital taxation to ePrivacy) and the collaborative activities of EACA (from joint industry letters to partner meetings). EACA is grateful for the constructive exchange with members and the contacts with experts that were established at these meetings. Agencies that are interested in holding similar meetings are welcome to get in touch with EACA’s secretariat.