EACA Stands #OnWomen’sSide

EACA Stands #OnWomen’sSide

Last week, the Gender Equality in Advertising and Marketing report, the very first project of this kind in Poland, was published, offering an insight into the views and concerns of Polish women in the advertising industry. The data was collected through the #OnWomen’sSide survey, where women were asked to imagine the Polish advertising and marketing business in 2030.

Gender equality and salary transparency, more women in senior positions, the same career opportunities as for men or ensuring that creativity and competence are gender-free are some of the changes that Polish women are demanding in the business.

Although women represent the majority in the Polish advertising industry, there is still a big gap in accessing career opportunities. This is one of the reasons why women tend to leave the sector much more frequently than men. For example, only 43% of women participate actively in professional meetings and important presentations for their companies, 9% speak as experts or write articles for the media and 6% make public statements or appear as speakers at business events.

Some of the solutions suggested to keep women from leaving the industry are more transparent, more diverse and more inclusive workplaces, as well as supporting the professional development of women and increasing their participation in company boards.

The European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA) and its Polish member SAR have fully supported this research.