EACA Statement on EU referendum in the UK

The UK has voted to leave the EU, although this process will take at least two years. The EACA is sad to see this development, but we believe that the need for international co-operation has never been greater. Agencies do more and more business across borders and in an increasingly digital world, advertising transcends national borders and interests. Creative ideas empowered by digital technologies are tying European advertising markets more strongly than ever. That is why we believe that the UK ad industry will continue working together with the rest of Europe while being one of its leading creative and technological innovators.

EACA will continue to be an open forum for all national associations and European agencies to discuss and address important issues.

Like our membership, many of our programmes already transcend EU frontiers: education, training and the Euro Effies will not be affected by the dramatic events in the UK.

We look forward to continuing to work with all of you to help build better business in a highly connected world.