EACA to participate in Multi-stakeholder Forum on Fake News

EACA has been invited by the European Commission to join its Multi-stakeholder Forum on Disinformation (fake news), which meets for the first time on 29 May. As set by the official communication on 26 April, the Forum will work on a Code of Practice to more efficiently and effectively tackle disinformation, e.g. by improving the scrutiny of ad placements, increasing transparency around sponsored content and improving access to trustworthy information. The timing is ambitious: the Code is to be published in July. The industry’s performance against Key Performance Indicators will be evaluated in the autumn.

The Forum is split into two sub-groups. EACA is one of the 11 organisations belonging to the “Working Group”, which represents the platform and advertising industry (including Google, Facebook, the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), the World Federation of Advertisers etc.). The so-called “Sounding Board”, on the other hand, brings together 15 representatives from the press and broadcast media, as well as fact-checkers and academics (e.g. the European Publishers Council, News Media Europe, the European Broadcasting Union and the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC).