EACA’s questions to Commissioners-designate

The proposed composition of the European Commission for the next five-year term was unveiled by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on the 10th of September. The next step is for the relevant committees in the European Parliament to “grill” the candidates in order to test their competency and identify their policy priorities in hearings organised between 30th  September and 8th October.

Ahead of these hearings, the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) would like to put forward some questions and issues of concern for agencies which we hope the Members of the European Parliament would address.

Please see the list of questions below and refer to EACA’s 2019 – 2024 Manifesto for more information regarding our key principles for better policy-making and messages to policy-makers. You can also access EACA’s position papers on specific topics here.[1]


Margrethe Vestager – Executive Vice-President-designate for a Europe fit for the Digital Age & Commissioner-designate for Competition
– In your role as the European Commissioner for Competition, how are you going to address the problem of vertical integration of online platforms?

Věra Jourova – Vice-President-designate for Values and Transparency
– In order to “ensure greater transparency in the area of paid political advertising”, will you make sure to harmonise EU Member States’ electoral laws?
– With regards to tackling online disinformation, do you think the Code of Practice industry initiative is the right way forward or will it be necessary to regulate this field?

Sylvie Goulard- Commissioner-designate for the Internal Market
– How will you ensure that platforms become a safer, more transparent environment not only for consumers but also for business users?


Didier Reynders – Commissioner-designate for Justice
– How will you ensure that AI regulation remains both human and business-focused?
– How are you going to address the problem of fragmentation regarding the implementation of the GDPR?


Paolo Gentiloni- Commissioner-designate for Economy
– What would be the next steps for the EU should the OECD fail to adopt a global approach for digital taxation?


Mariya Gabriel – Commissioner-designate for Innovation and Youth
– How will you bring education about disinformation and online threats into school classrooms?






[1] The photos of the Commissioners and their mission letters can be found at: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/interim/commissioners-designate