EACA’s reaction to news stories about ad misplacement

Brussels, 13 February 2017: In relation to the latest news in the UK concerning ad misplacement in media supporting terrorism and other illegal activities, the European Association of Communications Agencies stresses that EACA member agencies have been deploying brand safety technologies strenuously and are committed to preventing ad misplacement of this kind from happening.

We call upon media owners to code content appropriately so that the implemented technology can effectively stop these practices from repeating. We therefore urge all participants in the ad chain to implement available technology in our common pursuit of delivering good and effective ads in support of free media and avoiding illegal content.

EACA, our national association members and individual agency groups have been at the forefront of industry-led initiatives treating this issue attentively and in an increasingly effective way. To that end, we will continue working with our partners, the brands, tech players and authorities, on the prevention of ad misplacement.