The Effie Europe Awards 2022 Finalists Shortlist is here! 

The Effie Europe Awards 2022 Finalists Shortlist is here!

The Effies and the European Association of Communications Agencies, have announced the finalists for its 2022 Effie Awards Europe competition. This year, the Positive Change categories picked up the most shortlisted entries as brands get recognised for contributing to society by promoting the social and environmental good through marketing communications.

Among the finalists, 43 were shortlisted in the general competition and 37 in the Best of Europe track. The finalists come from a range of agencies from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Check out the finalists.

This year’s jury is co-chaired by Carmen Fernández de Alarcón, CEO of Havas Spain and Magdalena Kosińska, Marketing Director for Central and Eastern Europe at Philips Domestic Appliances. They were pleased to see numerous campaigns where brands make useful contributions to society, as sustainability, social and consumer trends are the marketing trends they are excited about:

“Since years I am observing how they [sustainability topics] grow in importance for consumers (especially youngsters) and I am very happy to see how more and more companies embrace them as an integral part of their marketing strategies. I am aware that it is not an obvious choice for all, as this is a long-term commitment that does not translate immediately into sales results, but I consider it as a “must-have” angle for those who think seriously about building brands that matter.”, said Magdalena Kosińska.

“I am a fan of social and consumer trends. We try to recommend strategies that are based on what will help the brand achieve its goals, with total freedom and without being conditioned by following a certain trend in the “advertising world.”, added Carmen Fernández de Alarcón.

Over 100 industry professionals from more than 20 European countries contributed their time and insight to identify the most effective work of the year. The award levels — Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze — will be announced at the online Awards Gala on 30 November.

The Effie Awards Europe are organised by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) in partnership with Google, The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), The European Publishers’ Council (EPC), & Viva Xpress Logistics.