EACA Chats: Is your agency a victim of self-imposed limiting revenue models?

EACA Chats: Is Your Agency a Victim of Self-Imposed Limiting Revenue Models?

The first EACA Chats of 2023 took place online on April 19th with an impressive number of attendees.

Tim Williams, a noted author, international speaker, and presenter for business organizations worldwide joined us with his keynote “How to Build a Modern Revenue Model”.

As a career marketing professional, he helps service firms escape the tyranny of an unfocused business model, a very present concern in our industry where effectiveness is a key value.

How to build a modern revenue model that allows your agency to scale its talent, expertise, and intellectual capital. Keynote by Tim Williams, Found of Ignition Consulting Group. 19 April 2023, 4pm CEST, Virtual.

For Tim, it all started with looking at the source of the talent crisis that is plaguing our industry and asking the question “What does talent really want?”. The answer is clear: businesses that offer fertile ground for growth and development. While it’s true that communications agencies have great economic potential, the reality is that many are trapped in self-imposed limiting revenue models.

During the Chat, Tim Williams shared insights on how to overcome these limitations and build modern revenue models that align with the needs of today’s business landscape. The session tackled important questions and provided valuable perspectives on shaping the industry’s future.

For those interested in Tim Williams’ work, he can be followed on social media. Also, keep an eye on our Linked In and Twitter accounts: a new episode of Advertising Europe with Tim is coming soon!