Maverick (AZ) Joins EACA as an Observer Member

Maverick (AZ) Joins EACA as an Observer Member

We are excited to announce that the European Association of Communication Agencies is welcoming Maverick (Azerbaijan) as an observer member in our National Associations’ Council, a status that will allow them to attend EACA meetings and events to gain an in-depth understanding of how the association’s international network works in the sector.

The agency’s aim is to make the first step towards the local market’s integration into the community of European communication experts. Through their EACA membership, they benefit from the other European Associations’ knowledge, advice, support and inspiration.

“From the moment the agency was established we wanted to make it part of the global community of marketing professionals, to make sure that we, as an entity, and our team continues to learn, grow, exchange the ideas and become better together as part of something big. And in my opinion, EACA is the best possible place for that to happen, as a community of great professionals of the industry all across the continent, which opens up a lot of doors and opportunities for agencies like ours, functioning in not so big, yet ambitious market,” — said Maverick’s CEO, Emin Mahmudov.

Tamara Daltroff, EACA’s Director General, in her turn said: “We were happy to be approached by Emin Mahmudov, CEO at Maverick, and learn that Azerbaijan would like to be more connected with Europe. As an observer member, Maverick will benefit from our National Associations’ Council support and share it with their peers in Azerbaijan. At the same time, we are thrilled to enrich our perspective and expand our horizons through this new addition. We are looking forward to working together with Maverick.”

“Never settle on the way to transform the local market” is one of the 5 promises we made to ourselves as an agency, so this step is a true reflection of this promise. We at Maverick see this as just the beginning of the transformation which will contribute tremendously to our market’s development. The next step would be to get on board more agencies and through our membership contribute to development and evolution of a strong National Association. And after that, with the help and support from EACA — bring the global marketing industry’s most pre-eminent award, the Effies, to Azerbaijan,” — Emin Mahmudov added.