Welcome Our New EACA Young Board! 

Welcome Our New EACA Young Board! 

EACA proudly introduces its Young Board, an initiative designed to amplify the voices and talents of emerging professionals in the advertising industry. This group recognizes Gen Z’s invaluable contributions, providing a dynamic space for young professionals and a unique opportunity for monthly exchanges with peers and EACA members, mentorship from senior agency professionals, and collaboration on European initiatives aligned with their aspirations. 

Composed of more than 15 high-potential professionals from various disciplines, including creative, strategy, and account management, the Young Board represents a diverse mix of talent from 8 different countries and multiple agencies across Europe. The members are professionals in the first years of their careers in advertising, contributing various perspectives to the Board. 

“The Young Board celebrates Gen Z’s transformative influence on advertising. With this project, EACA is creating an ecosystem where their diverse viewpoints thrive and their input helps set the stage for a dynamic and inclusive industry landscape”, emphasized John Wright, Young Board Lead, Chief Growth Officer for UK and Europe at McCann. 

“Our vision for the Young Board is to create a dynamic crossroad where young professionals’ energy, creativity, and passion converge. We’re dedicated to providing a space for collaboration, growth, and mentorship that pushes the industry forward”, stated Doris Danner, EACA’s International Agencies Council (IAC) Chair and Vice President at TBWA. 

The Young Board is co-chaired by 3 young talents: Chiara Jaumann, Copywriter at TBWA, Murray Robertson, Account Director at Ogilvy Amsterdam, and Jack Waring, Strategist at Dentsu.

“I really do believe that the self-conception of ad agencies, and brands, needs to shift from ‚We’re selling a product‘ to ‚We’re communicating/producing value‘. So whatever it is that we’re doing, it needs to be relevant to society. In other words: If the brand’s product is out of value, the product needs to change. Because ultimately, we’re not doing it for the client. We’re doing it together with the client. For the people out there. Excited to explore this, next to other topics, with the EACA Young Board”, highlighted Chiara Jaumann.

“I am honored to part of this great group of young minds across Europe, the plans we have are exciting and thought provoking, and will help shape the future of the industry. It’s a good time to be in the advertising space, that is for sure, and being able to guide and mentor talent coming through will hopefully be a positive legacy we leave behind”, said Murray Robertson.

“Thrilled to be a part of the EACA youth board as a co-chair! Partnering with dynamic young professionals across agencies, we’re creating a platform to elevate our generation’s voices and create a vehicle for change within the industry – excited to see what we accomplish”, underlined Jack Waring.

The Young Board is an example of EACA’s commitment to understanding and meeting the evolving needs of young talent, as underscored in EACA’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” report. Based on surveys among final-year marketing communications students and industry recruiters, this piece guides efforts to attract and retain young talent in the advertising industry. 

Young Board members

Alice Wagner from DDB (United Kingdom) 

Chiara Jaumann from TBWA (Germany) 

Clarisse Artoré from Havas (France) 

Elena Longoni from Dentsu (Italy) 

Irina Patrichi from Havas (United Kingdom) 

Jack Waring from Dentsu (Netherlands) 

Joely Buxton-Smith from McCann (United Kingdom) 

Louise Guyon from DDB (France) 

Luca Dornhoefer from DDB (Germany) 

Marta Fitak from TBWA (Poland) 

Michaela Hutnanova from Innocean (Germany) 

Miguel Mestre from Havas (Portugal) 

Miti Shah from DDB (United Kingdom) 

Molly Grant from Dentsu (United Kingdom) 

Murray Robertson from Ogilvy (Netherlands) 

Tom King from Havas (United Kingdom) 

Tommaso Mangiarotti from Dentsu (Italy) 

Vania Liberoff from Ogilvy (Spain) 

Yolantha Juergens from Ogilvy (Germany) 

Their innovative ideas and tech-savvy approach align with the changing dynamics of consumer behavior and communication channels. Engaging Gen Z in decision-making processes is essential to fostering a more dynamic approach within our sector. 

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