#NoEasyWins: IAB Europe Launches New Campaign On Targeted Advertising

NoEasyWins: IAB Europe Launches New Campaign On Targeted Advertising

IAB Europe, representing the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem, launched its #NoEasyWins campaign on 27th October, highlighting how a ban on targeted advertising would be an ‘own goal’ for digital Europe with clearly foreseeable negative consequences for consumers, small businesses and small publishers alike. 

As the negotiations on the Digital Services Act (DSA) package reach a climax in the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO), the campaign corrects some of the untruths originating in some political circles in Brussels. Building on a wealth of existing evidence about the value of targeted advertising, it reminds policymakers that there are no easy wins in the complex area of digital policymaking. 

Tamara Daltroff, Director General of the European Association of Communications Agencies, shed some light on the broader, wide-ranging value of advertising: “Targeted ads are a valuable tool used by businesses of all sizes, including start-ups and SMEs, NGOs and publishers across Europe. A ban on targeted ads would deprive them of reaching local and relevant customers, clients and supporters. Also, targeted ads play a critical role in funding a free and pluralistic internet and keeping the digital economy and information accessible to all.”

More information about the #NoEasyWins campaign can be found at: www.noeasywins.eu.

Read the full press release here.