Registrations open for the European Advertising Certificate 2016

Brussels, 5 January 2016: Registrations for the 2016 edition of the European Advertising Certificate (EAC) are now open to agency employees and young industry professionals across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The EAC is the only consistent, European-wide foundation-level qualification exclusively available to advertising professionals with up to two years’ experience.

The EAC is a unique opportunity for young professionals to expand their knowledge of the commercial communications industry. Through engaging with the online learning programme, participants receive a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the essentials of the advertising industry while perfecting their understanding of various brand communications processes.

The programme consists of 7 key modules: Advertising and Communication in Context; Understanding Clients’ Business; The Strategic Planner’s Toolkit; Client, Creative and Media Briefs; Understanding Media Channels / Media Planning; Creativity and Creative Development and Effectiveness. A mixture of key readers, e-lessons, assignments, videos, quizzes and discussion groups guarantees to captivate the learners’ attention and to inspire them in their professional activities and daily occupations.

One of the 2015 learners, Olga Luksys, an account manager at Inspired UM in Lithuania, commented “the EAC explains the advertising world with all its many elements and complex boundaries in a detailed but simple manner. It takes you back to the core standards, helps you to find strong arguments based on the latest theories and research and provides you with plenty of sources of must-read materials. Most importantly, it challenges your routine mindset.”

Based on the proven IPA Foundation Certificate, the programme was specifically developed for a European audience with the aid of the European Commission’s Leonardo programme. A total of 1000 young professionals from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa undertook the exam in 2015.

The three-hour written exam will be held on 14 April 2016 and take place in the National Associations of the participating countries. EACA members will be charged a fee of €250 upon registration, as opposed to non-European or non-EACA members who will be charged €500. Interested professionals can register here or contact us at

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For further information, please contact:

Claudia Ortiz Reyero
European Education and Training Manager
+32 2 740 07 16   

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