Time’s up! Why Advertisers Need to be Sustainability Activists

Time’s up! Why Advertisers Need to be Sustainability Activists

Yesterday, we were delighted to host the third members-only EACA Chat this year, “Why Our Industry Needs to Create Differently for Sustainability” by Wim Vermeulen. During his talk, Mr. Vermeulen encouraged the Ad Industry professionals to become “sustainability activists” in order to contribute to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.

Vermeulen highlighted the importance of consumers, as the impact of their actions can reduce carbon emissions by more than 40% if they go massively for the sustainable choice. According to him, the biggest obstacle for advertisers is the lack of consumer credibility in their commitment to the environment: “We need new, positive and credible stories. If we change the narrative, we will be a force for good!”

Most of the participants were interested in how to showcase products as more sustainable and asked for examples of good practices to have as a reference. Bubka developed the white paper “The Credibility Deficit” that can be consulted here.

Wim Vermeulen, Director of Strategy and Sustainability at Bubka, is an author, documentary maker, researcher, speaker and communication strategist. He is a lecturer at the Solvay Business School & Vlerick Business School and an international keynote speaker. He holds Master’s degrees in both Political and Communication Science and has studied management and marketing strategy at Cambridge and Oxford University. Recently he studied Corporate Sustainability at the London Business School.

You will find more info about him here.