White Paper Release: “The Advertising Industry: Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

White Paper Release:
“The advertising industry: Should I stay or should I go?”

EACA and the European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom), with the support of the World Advertising Research Center (WARC), have released the “The advertising industry: should I stay or should I go?” White Paper. The initiative is based on the results of two surveys aimed at final-year marketing communications students and industry recruiters.

The first questionnaire measured the appetite for pursuing a career in a creative, media or digital agency of 200 students. Additionally, it inquired about their lived experiences during their university years. Simultaneously, the other survey addressed 200 recruiters in the agencies. It focused on revealing those skills that are in demand the most. Furthermore, it aimed to identify where the difference between the two groups’ expectations lies.

Paul Springer, former President of edcom and Dean of Academic Strategy at the University of Arts London, and Laura Vingan, Communications Manager at EACA, co-authored this White Paper. The result of their work further explored and illustrated the common themes that arose from the surveyees’ replies. These new and actionable insights will help bridge the gap between the freshly-graduates and the companies looking to hire them. Moreover, they open the door to more research in the area of talent.

What are people saying about the white paper?

“The timing of this White Paper makes the findings even more intriguing. We must keep in mind that the industry is navigating a post-pandemic and during a global economic crisis. The survey of students and recruiters from across Europe surfaces the issues that impact both employers and educators. These include the changing nature of advertising work, the rise of #WFH and health & wellbeing”, said Paul Springer.

“If you asked our members what are the main pain points within their companies or national associations, you would hear that recruiting and retaining people is at the forefront”, added Laura Vingan. “We invested years and resources in communications studies. Understanding why this happened and how come students are considering other paths is what we wanted to uncover. This White Paper answers questions some recruiters did not know they had in the first place.”

“This is the first-ever done study amongst recruiters and students. It uncovers our industry as the place where people can have an impact and enjoy a creative and flexible career. We’ve all been facing a talent war recently. It is vital that we steadily advocate these benefits to the newer generations. Specially after uncovering they have begun to question their career choices more and more. There is no other industry where the power of ideas can influence and have a positive impact. Not only on brands, but on agendas, citizens and behaviours”. continued Christian de la Villehuchet, Global Chief Integration Officer at Havas and President of EACA.

Catherine Driscoll, Commissioning Editor EMEA, WARC, said: “Finding and retaining diverse new talent is a priority for all sectors of the advertising industry. This research sheds light on the expectations and motivations of Gen Z graduates. It will be invaluable in enabling agencies to connect with the next generation of advertising talent.”