Why Audience Addressability is the Biggest Opportunity for Digital Advertising in 2021?

On 8 April, EACA participated in the webinar “Industry Insider with PubMatic – Why Audience Addressability is the Biggest Opportunity for Digital Advertising in 2021” organised by IAB Europe. The webinar discussed the key new techniques that will enable advertisers and publishers to access addressable audiences.

What is an addressable audience?

When we talk about ‘addressable audiences‘ we are referring to the total number of online consumers that a media platform can reach through targeted advertising campaigns.

What are the opportunities?

Since third-party cookies are disappearing from the digital advertising ecosystem, advertisers and publishers need to reconsider how to identify, target and engage with audiences in a way that does not compromise user experience. There are three main options to do this:

  • Matched first-party data: first-party data is data about a company’s customers that are collected and owned by that company. Information about customers is compiled through software and systems that the company itself owns. The company can use this data to create ads, content, and experiences catering to an individual’s interests.
  • Universal identifiers: this is one single identifier that will recognize users and each user identity across different platforms. It doesn’t offer any cross-site functionality, but it can store user activity within a publisher’s ecosystem. Universal IDs eliminate the need for third-party software to sync user identity information.
  • Browser-based audiences: if a person uses two different browsers to do the same search, they are recognised as two separate users. This has not yet been fully clarified, but work is being done to avoid duplication of data.

What the future holds?

Moving to a first-party data-driven approach will give brands and publishers the transparency and control they need to create a seamless user experience, optimising revenue for both parties. Brands and publishers will need to rethink their future strategies and be open-minded to change them accordingly.