You Can Now Participate in the Talent Survey until 3 June!

You Can Now Participate in the Talent Survey until 3 June!

The Talent Survey launched by EACA and edcom aiming final year marketing communications students and industry recruiters has been extended until 3 June!

The first questionnaire assesses students’ interest in pursuing a career with a creative, media, or digital agency and inquiries about their experiences during their studies. On the other hand, the survey targeting recruiters intends to reveal any gaps between talent expectations and the demands of the industry.

According to provisional results from the surveys, 80% of the students questioned want to work in a creative, media or digital agency, but they also consider Tech platforms such as TikTok/Meta and brands as attractive options. At the same time, recruiters are concerned that the difference in motivations and values will drive talent away from the industry.

The answers to the two surveys will be thoroughly analysed and compared, with the results shedding a light on what both universities and agencies can improve in order to bridge the current employment gap.

Don’t miss the chance to up about your expectations until 3 June!

The information collected from the respondents will be kept strictly confidential. The results will be presented by EACA and edcom after the summer.

The students’ survey
Will you stay or will you go?
What is going on in your mind?

The recruiters’ survey
Creative, media and digital agency
recruiters UNITE!