Pharma Perspectives

Pharma Perspectives

A collaboration with Pharmaceutical Market Europe and the Health Communications' Council

Since July 2014, leading industry figures and senior agency names from across the European pharma landscape are discussing a critical topic impacting the healthcare marketing and communications field. They highlight their own particular views and considerations drawing out areas of commonality between the two parties - those crucial sweet spots where the two parties can work together to help magnify a competitive advantage.

Undoubtedly, the bi-monthly head-to-head interviews draws out some key areas of difference, where each party has a different view on a topic or a different requirement from the same marketing or business challenge. Such differences will also prove highly valuable for all marketers - from either side of the table - allowing as they will, richer and more meaningful discussion on how these differences can be overcome or minimised to avoid them needlessly getting in the way of the most effective and successful marketing outcome.

The series of articles help bring together these two important parties in successful communications outcomes, and assist each one in fully understanding the similar, and different, perspectives of the other.

About Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PME)

PME is a monthly print and digital title written by experienced journalists and high-profile pharma and healthcare experts. The magazine provides insights and offers solutions to the issues that keep industry leaders awake at night.

Read a piece on Creating creative conversations: Introducing PME’s forthcoming collaboration with the HCCMatt de Gruchy, CEO at Ogilvy Healthworld UK, a member EACA, and Ogilvy Healthworld’s representative to EACA’s Health Communications’ Council (HCC).

Read an interview on the pitching process. Ben Davies, European CEO of Havas Health & Malik Akhtar, category lead for agency services at Bayer Healthcare.