Pitch Positive Pledge 


The The Pitch Positive Pledge (PPP) is a joint initiative between the IPA and ISBA to improve the pitch process across the industry, making it more intentional, accountable, responsible, and effective for both advertisers and agencies. The Pledge is divided into three areas for each stage of the pitching process: Before pitch – Be positive a pitch is required During pitch – Run a positive process After pitch – Provide a positive resolution We believe that all signatories of the Pledge will experience better outcomes including more transparency, better mental health, better quality work, fewer costs, and less wastage. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

The PPP was launched at a time when the industry felt to be in crisis. Having recovered from Covid, we were experiencing the ‘great resignation’ where talent were re-evaluating their commitment to the industry and the toll of work on their mental health. Thus, the industry came together to launch the PPP during Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 in the hope of driving long term behaviour change. Previous pitch guides focussed on the ‘how to’ of pitching without considering the human and environmental costs. This initiative addresses this by focusing on the ‘why and when’ of pitching to reduce wastage. 


The PPP had 65 signatories before launch (37 agencies, 13 clients, 15 partners) and continued to gain momentum, currently receiving 320 signatories (236 agencies, 31 clients, 53 partners). The PPP has received positive feedback regarding its impact on the industry – an improvement in the overall pitch experience, greater flexibility on timelines, shorter processes, and more open communication. Research from the AAR concluded that 1/3 of responding agencies reported an improvement in how pitches are conducted since the PPP. The Pharmaceutical Marketing Society launched the Positive Pitch Award in 2023 to acknowledge those working in line with the PPP.