Pitch Evaluator

Welcome to the Pitch Evaluator!

Client commitment 0%

The client became acquainted with the agencies’ credentials before inviting them to the pitch

The decision-makers will be present at the briefing

The decision-makers will be present at the pitch

The work requested to generate outputs is commensurate with the time available

The number of participating agencies is disclosed

The names of participating agencies are known

The available budget is disclosed

The unsuccessful agencies are offered payment

Comprehensiveness and thoroughness of information 0%

The objectives of the pitch are clear

The requested outputs are clear

The evaluation criteria are clear

The necessary information for setting up a proper budget is provided

A budget template is provided

It is possible to interact with the client in order to understand the brief better (personal briefings, tissue meetings etc.)

Potential financial benefits/consequences 0%

How many agencies will participate in the pitch?

What is the net annual revenue from the project/campaign

What is the duration of the contract?

What is the agency’s investment in the pitch?

Is compensation for participating in the pitch foreseen?

Total 0%

In which country is the pitch taking place?

What is the nature of the pitch?

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