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Do you want to know how to win a Euro Effie?

In 2016, the Euro Effie Awards celebrated its 20th anniversary and to mark the occasion, we teamed up with Kantar Millward Brown, the world leaders in communications research, to look back over the years and identify the ingredients of sales-effective advertising and to uncover the formula for a winning Euro Effie entries.

Thanks to Kantar Millward Brown, we have been able to look behind the surface of the case studies of over 100 Euro Effie entries to isolate exactly what sets the winners apart from the rest. The results were deceptively simple – four key elements provide the cornerstone of effective commercial communications – but what is more challenging is that while nearly all Euro Effie campaigns contain at least one of the elements, it is very rare, even for the winners, to contain all four. As Kantar Millward Brown pointed out in this report, imagine what your brand could achieve if it did.

We hope this report will serve as a guide and an inspiration to future generations of Euro Effie hopefuls and, above all, raise awareness of the symbiotic relationship between creativity and effectiveness.

Check out the 4 Navigational Markers from Euro Effie Winners’ Analysis:

    Start with a single, simple idea that captures your audience’s imagination and conjures up the right associations for your brand.
    Ensure thematic and aesthetic coherence across all elements of the campaign.
    Bring the idea to life by combining paid media and owned media, with each element having a clear role in the mix.
    Plan how to maximise additional exposure through news or word of mouth.

You can download the full Report here.

Euro Effie winners reflected at least one of the four success factors, however it was very rare for any of them to reflect all four. Imagine what your brand could achieve if it did?

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