Young Account Bars 

Young Account Bars 

ACC Belgium 


The Belgian Creatives have their own community (CreativeBelgium); so do Belgian Strategists (our Expert Center Strategy aka APG Belgium); CFO’s have their Expert Center Legal & Finance; Talent Managers have the EC Talent Managers, but the Account Executives had no community at all. And they don’t have any money to spend on membership fees or fancy training sessions, so we created the Free Young Account Bars, organized by and for Account Executive under 30 years old. Talented senior experts host free evening session on specific topics preceeded by food & drinks & networking occasions. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

It is an initiative from the young account executives for young account executives and it is goes on for the 10th consecutive year now. Many of the young accounts who are part of the organising team have grown steadily into more senior positions because of their capacity to take initiative; to network and to stand out of the crowd. The core team of the Expert Center Young Accounts is rejuvenated every year since they have to step out at the age of 30. With this initiative, we have created a generation of proud ànd skilled accounts. 


We have been organising Young Account Bars for 10 years now, with on average of 9 sessions per year and on average 25 participants, leading to +/- 2.250 indiviual training sessions at no cost at all. The hosts pay for the catering and the sessions take place at agencies and production houses in various cities of the country; giving everyone the occasion to attend one or more sessions per year.