About us

EACA is the voice of Europe’s communications agencies and associations, promoting the economic and social contribution of commercial communications to society. We represent more than 2,500 organisations from nearly 30 European countries.


We address our members’ regulatory concerns both at European and national levels and ensure that their voice is heard by policymakers. We monitor and analyse relevant policy developments and engage in pro-active advocacy strategies.


We provide useful information to agencies, members, policy stakeholders and anyone interested in the industry, be it market trends, current initiatives, information on self-regulation and much more.


Through EACA Inspire and edcom we can help you get hands-on training and apply the notions you have acquired at your university, as well as meeting and listening to remarkable speakers of the industry.


We promote and support impeccable advertising! EACA runs two advertising awards annually: the Effie Awards Europe for effectiveness and the IMPACT Awards for brand activation.

Effie Europe Awards Logo

Effie Europe has been honouring the most effective marketing ideas in Europe since 1996. Our mission is to lead, inspire and champion the practice and practitioners of European marketing effectiveness.

Powered by EACA, INSPIRE is an open-source catalogue of live and on-demand courses, talks, webinars and workshops tackling creativity, communication, advertising and even regulatory & highly technical issues.

The European Institute for Commercial Communications Education strives to promote excellence in commercial communications education, research & industry partnerships.